New U-Boat watches

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U-Boat, an Italian manufacturer of very large (50mm diameter face) watches have released some new automatic watches in their range, considerably more expensive than the old quartz movement ones (of which I own one).

They’re available from WatchUSeek (eventually), but not cheaply. I like the Flightdeck 50 (pictured) & Flightdeck 55 (55mm face!) in anodized steel which work out at 2100 and 2300 Euros respectively.

(Yes, I know this is turning into The Large Watch Blog, but tough).

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4 comments on “New U-Boat watches

  1. Recently I saw in a shop a large metal watchy case fitting about 20 large mens watches and U-boat watches were displayed in it. The shop assistant said it wasnt for sale. Do you know how I could purchase one.

  2. not a clue, I’m afraid

  3. IVe got one but its worth £1250 😀

  4. I see these watches for sale at:

    This is an excellent website, by the way, with lots of funky brands that you don’t see in many places.

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