Trainspotting Time

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6876 Anorak
Perusing the shops of Covent Garden on Saturday it seemed that the anorak/cagoule/windcheater is back. Out has gone the high-tech, gore-tex, extreme rambler look, replaced by a more retro, classic style. 6876 have gone for the full blown, yellow, Souwester look (see above) but cut it in a nice causal shape that looks surprisingly smart. Boxfresh have gone for a more, murky, almost camoflague look, however best of all is the ever reliable Penguin. Navy blue with white piping (unfortunately no images online) it’s the kind of thing that would have got you beaten up at school admittedly. Now however, combined with a short-sleeve check shirt, it rocks a preppy Happy Days look. Available in Urban Outfitters, Covent Garden

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