Trench Coats

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Enough time has passed since Inspector Gadget, Inspector Clouseau & Lieutenant Columbo (err… is there some sort of connection here?). Trench coats are apparently the in thing again now…

The stalwarts appear to be Burberry :(, Aquascutum & Dunhill (whose effort is featured in this month’s “new look” Esquire, P.124 at the snip of £695).

However all of these seem a bit stuffy compared to the one winking at me from my favourite shop, (yes Reiss again) which has a few contemporary touches and avoids beige banality by adding a touch of khaki to its colouring. Only downside is it’s not cheap (£250), and I don’t think I can wait for another sale. So feel free to click on any of the google text ads to your right to assist the trench coat fund 😉

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  1. James,
    Surely, why have anything but leather, when for £250 you can have this:

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