A Butcher of Distinction

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A Butcher of Distinction is a new-ish menswear shop just off London’s Brick Lane (11 Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery). They specialise in the kind of smart, casual-wear you’d find in Duffer of St.George, but with hopefully less chance of spotting your local football hooligan/Jamie Oliver wearing it. Their current stock rocks a preppy look with an edge; rather dapper shirts and jackets from 6876, sweatshirts from Milkcrate Athletic, as well as some of the most neon polos and shirts I ever seen from Ralph Lauren. You’ll also find stuff from obscurer labels, as well as ultra traditional footwear from Trickers.

The window advertises their site, but it looks like it’s not up a running yet. Maybe pop in the next time you’re heading for a curry, they’re open till 7pm each night

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