Top 5 Polo Shirts

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Since last summer, I’ve gradually moved away from my first love (t-shirts) into the welcoming arms of polo shirts. Slightly smarter than a t-shirt, yet don’t make you look like a city tw*t like a shirt, the polo – all things to all men.

So, here are my top 5 polo shirt manufacturers:

5. Le Tigre. I must admit, I don’t own any shirts by them, but they look good. You can get them from karmaloop as well as Urban Outfitters & eBay.

4. American Apparel – manufactured in a sweatshop-free environment in Los Angeles, this right-on version of Gap (but better) does t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeved tees, hooded tops and yes! polo shirts in a multitude of colours. They have a store at the end of Carnaby Street.

3. Fred Perry. You no longer have to be a skinhead to wear Fred Perry – although I know several slapheads read this site. They have 2 stores in Covent Garden, one in the market and one in Seven Dials.

2. Lacoste – another horrible flash-only site unfortunately, but they have the greatest range of colours and do a particularly nice pink option. A Lacoste store has recently opened up on Regent Street.

1. Penguin by Munsingwear. Available from Stylevenue, Plum & eBay. Penguin Clothing is the most comprehensive site, but is based in the US, and has exorbitant UK delivery rates.

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