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Someone at the Sunday Time Style supplement obviously reads Fancydan, as they too have picked up on Aussie Bum pants calling them “the next big thing in men’s pants”. Their article did also remind me, that if you’re a fan of the brief, you can’t beat American Apparel’s no-nonsense, Baby Rib briefs in a multitude of colours. Plus, as usual for them, you know they’re sweat shop free.

I also recently discovered the Canadian brand Ginch Gonch. Maybe a little bit bright for me, their pants and briefs have a retro 70s look, featuring bright colours and designs like fire-engines, hot-dogs or speeding motorbikes. Online, they’re available from, a site who put all their effort into getting a great domain name and none into making their site work with non Internet Explorer browsers. Offline, you can find them in Prowler, Soho

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