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Oscar Milo in Spitalfields is a menswear and womenswear store that currently has a sale on. One item that caught my eye amongst the bright shirts was a sparsely pinstriped (pink pinstripes!) grey suit with a de la mode one button jacket from Holland Esq.

However the most beautiful item of all in the shop was an Italian leather overnight bag  available in tan, red & chocolate. This was not in the sale, but was an absolute bargain at £139… a similar bag in Selfridges would be upwards of £300.

My wife was eyeing the bag enviously and has declared that if I get one, she wants one too… well I suppose it is our 3 month wedding anniversary.

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2 comments on “Oscar Milo

  1. i am looking for an oscar milo white shirt very fine material linen cotton viscose polyamide made in italy it has white stripes going across it in same material can you help size 16

  2. Err not really I’d suggest going to the store – I don’t have any connection with them

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